Week of Prayer

Are You Ready for a Blessing?!


Join us every night this week starting at 6pm.  We will meet at a different location each day.

The accompanying daily readings are listed below. Daily readings for children can be found here.



First Sabbath :: Rhinelander SDA Church

Why Scripture?

Building faith on the sure Word of God

By Ted N. C. Wilson



Sunday :: Hosted by Mary & Dave

The Supreme Authority

Inspired counsel is relevant today as when it was written

By Alejandro Medina Villarreal


Monday :: Hosted by Gary & Donna

How to Read the Word

“Did not our hearts burn within us . . . while he opened to us the Scriptures?”

By Félix H. Cortez


Tuesday :: Hosted by Carlos & Debbie

Scripture Makes the Difference

How can we know God, unless we know His story in the Bible?

By Karen Holford


Wednesday :: Hosted by Sandy

Behold! The Lamb of God

Christ is revealed in both Old and New Testaments

By David Thomas


Thursday :: Hosted by Randy & Tammy

Inspiring Hope in a Hopeless World

The sufferings of this world are nothing compared with its future glory.

By Keldie Paroschi


Friday :: Hosted by David & Johanne

Discerning Right From Wrong

Students of Scripture know how to make wise decisions.

By Vanderlei Dorneles da Silva


Second Sabbath :: Hosted by Joy B. & Jim H.

The Importance of Scripture for the End Times

Staying grounded in Scripture is essential for staying Christian.

By Ellen G. White


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