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Creeping Compromise, by Amazing Facts’ first speaker, Joe Crews, is a spiritual masterpiece that tackles today’s most controversial issues of faith and will inspire you and other Christians to higher moral living.

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More about Elder Joe Crews

Amazing Facts was founded in 1965 by Joe Crews in Baltimore, Maryland. Inspired by the success of The Rest Of The Story, hosted by Paul Harvey, Joe Crews' original objective for Amazing Facts was to reach out to both Christian and non-Christian listeners via daily 15-minute programs by opening with a scientific or historic fact, and how it applies to the overall Biblical messages.[1] Later, the program offered accompanying home Bible study courses, as well as books written by Crews himself. In 1987, Amazing Facts initiated a television ministry that has expanded to four programs as well as periodic evangelism series.

Shortly before his death in 1994, Crews invited Douglas Edward Batchelor (better known as simply Doug Batchelor) to assume the position of president/speaker, which he holds to this day. Today, the Amazing Facts radio program "Bible Answers Live" broadcasts mainly out of Sacramento, California each Sunday evening to about 155 national stations.  -Wikipedia